Foyles’ Young Poets of the Year Competition

KEHS are delighted to announce that Aliyah attended the Foyles’ Young Poets of the Year Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 17th October. This event saw the top 100 competition winners come together at the Southbank Centre in London. Aliyah, who was shortlisted as a commended poet from a field of 11,000 said, “I had a great time in London. It was a chance to meet other poets my age, and listen to a wide range of different styles of poetry.” As one of the top 100 competition winners, Aliyah’s poem will be published in the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Anthology in March 2018. Here is Aliyah’s poem:

some infinities are bigger than others

My mum says she doesn’t understand Maths but she teaches me

how to make her smile
through the parabola of her frown,

how to decrease the height of her raised eyebrow
through the angle of its jilt,

and how to give the best hugs
through the curve of her arms.

When she replies to my ‘I Love You’s with ‘I Love You More’
she teaches me that some infinities are bigger than others,
when I ask her ‘What About My Sisters?’
she tells me that infinity divided by three is still infinity,
when I open my mouth to ask something else,
she tells me that ‘Often The Most Complicated Things In Life Are Simpler Than People Think’,

which doesn’t answer my question but I stay silent
as I can tell from the
semi-circles under her eyes that
she is tired.


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