KEHS Poet Laureate 2017

In this week’s assembly, the winner of this year’s KEHS Poet Laureate competition was announced as Shivanii Arun from L5E. Poems were entered on the theme of ‘Friendship’ and as always the standard was very high. Congratulations Shivanii!


Here is her poem:

Growing up (and apart)


My earliest memories are about you, not me.

After all, the light is more memorable than the shadow.

You’ve always been shining to me, since the very first time

The world presented itself to my wide-eyed wonder:

What a glorious first image to wake up to.


Grubby fingers, greedily digging into the jam jar

Until guilty flushed faces gave us away, caught in the act.

You instigated it, of course, eyes latched solely on the prize.

I should know: mine were on you, even as I was chastised

Whilst you got off scot-free, jam-encrusted mouth and all.


Bicycle wheels, spinning furiously, never slowing

Until mine did, tossing me off-kilter to the ground.

Bloody knees and misty eyes were easily hidden

By the wobbly grin I held, to match your radiant one

As your eyes were fixated on the course ahead.


It was a rite of passage, that all-new walk to school.

We set off together, from your house that first day

And all the days that followed after it.

Nothing ceased to amaze our unworldly minds,

Back in those days, we could take on the world.


And then teenage years hit us like a brick to the head

Where suddenly, easy smiles and laughs weren’t easy anymore.

Days passed as a blur, the sun of our childhood setting forever.

You gladly escaped, and soon a cool maturity graced your face

But me, I couldn’t help but prefer one smirking, sugar-sticky mouth.


The bitter taste of indifference lingered in my mouth for years

Years after the weakening strands of friendship had long worn out.

I clutched at them, desperate to restore the once-whole ruins

That had been an anchor for my chaotic feelings for years.

Yet to you, they were manacles, to be broken free of once they snapped.


Soon, all I had left to prove we ever existed were photographs.

Cheap, mocking imitations of the memories we shared together

Scarcely capturing the true essence and emotion of the unmoving scenes.

Only photographs where you are always beaming at the camera

And I am always beaming at you.


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