Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

This is a poem written by this year’s KEHS Poet Laureate, Scarlett, to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.

The train moves over the snow-covered tracks,

The world only existing in patterns of black.

Until the doors open to hell on earth.

Feet move out, covered with dirt.

Walls and wires, barren and cold.

We stand silently, waiting to be told,

If we are to survive or if we are to die.

And whether it’s time to say our goodbyes.

We are six million people, like you,

We are no different, we have hearts too.

But we are imprisoned, murdered and hidden,

We are people, but our lives are forbidden.

They take our teeth and our hair too,

They take our clothes and they take our shoes.

Beaten and butchered, they know what to do,

Would you be this cruel if it happened to you?

We are so cold, we are starving and dying,

Our children are broken, they stand here crying.

We want to live, we want to be free,

We want no trouble, just let us be.

You can take our homes and our hair,

You can have our shoes, we do not care.

But you cannot have our faith or our lives,

We will keep fighting, we will survive.

You can try to hurt us, make every attempt,

But our faith and God will be kept.

And we will survive, and rise again,

Life will go on but we will never forget the pain.

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