KEHS Poet Laureate 2016

The winner of this year’s KEHS Poet Laureate competition has been announced. Poems were entered on the theme of Shakespeare, and as always the standard was very high. The KEHS Poet Laureate for this year is Scarlett of L5E. Congratulations Scarlett!

Here is her poem:

Shakespeare’s Plays


It was on a harsh winter’s day,

The frozen Twelfth Night of a bleak December,

That I saw my first Shakespearian play,

But what play it was, I can’t remember.


The heavens opened and poured down,

What seemed like endless rain.

A Tempest drenched the entire town.

I sheltered myself, but in vain.


A play fit for the gods I thought,

A truly magnificent show.

The audience applauded, as they ought,

But why they cheered, I’ll never know.


For the actors seemed to know not,

That men of few words are the best,

And so through the infinite lines they did go,

Delivering them with unimaginable zest.


And Pyramus did not comprehend,

That a man can die but once,

So the play went on to no apparent end,

He really was a stupid dunce.


The Shrew did greatly amuse me,

And as luck would have it for Kate,

Love is blind and lovers cannot see,

So she found a decent mate.


The endless epilogues did sound,

Until the chimes of midnight.

Then the actors took theirs bows,

And quickly took their final flight.


I enjoyed the play so very much:

Parting was such sweet sorrow,

An ancient sketch with a modern touch,

I wished another for the morrow.


We are such stuff as dreams are made on,

And our little life is rounded by a sleep.

I woke up and found the audience gone:

Hamlet was so dull, I fell asleep.


To me, actors bear charmed lives,

One man in his time may play many parts.

To be an actor is to live many times.

To read Shakespeare is to inspire many hearts.

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