Poetry around School

Inspired by London’s “Poems on the Underground”, KEHS Creative Writing students have been writing haikus to be placed on objects or at locations around the school building.

Below are some of their recent compositions:


These folds of fabric

Conceal all life beyond them

Isolating you.



Tick, tock, tick. Seconds.

Minutes. Hours. Forever.

Unchanging time flies.



Glassy obstructor

Of the elements outside

Keeping us from harm.



These cold bars which should

Be warm, have no purpose for

They are never on.



Stand still, unchanging,

A stubborn row of old bricks.

Keep invisible.



Arial bold preached

“Happiness” with crude half moon

Mallard yellow stares.



Stagnant brown and square

File me away, turn the key.

Prohibited sheets.

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  1. Sarah Shore-NyeJanuary 7, 2016 at 10:52 am #

    Absolutely superb! Think “Window”, fabulous first line, and “Radiator” are my favourites.

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