KEHS Poet Laureate

Well done to Anum in U5S, winner of the first KEHS Poet Laureate competition!

Here is her poem based on the theme of ‘Past, Present and Future’:


Today will be lost

Just like every yesterday.

Today I am

Yesterwhen, yesterhow, yesterwhy.

Any yestertime I ever owed

Is only felt and known

And loved and loathed


For yesters which escape my mind

Like water through a sieve,

And are not with today entwined,

They do not exist.

And from a yestereve or yestermorn:

If a lasting mark is not born,

It is but a floating yesterthought.

Now the morrow of tomorrow

Will come.

And will come from that

A thousand more morrows

With dismal joys and petty sorrows,

False love and dementing pain,

Each waiting to be a yester down the drain.

Yet every morrow lives here, now.

For time has no chronology;

Every second is eternity,

Every moment, perfect certainty.



Today will be lost

Like a discarded compliment,
Binned shavings from sharp pencils,

Countless insects crushed and trod on,

Just like every yesterday.


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  1. Cilmara L KolasinskiSeptember 19, 2015 at 9:40 pm #

    Well done. This is really beautiful!

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